About me,and about this blog


Gennifer and I meeting Bishop Terry Stieb in preparation of joining the Catholic Church.

My name is Kris Cotner. My wife Gennifer and I joined the Catholic Church in April 2014 and along with a wonderful sense of belonging,it also brought a ton of questions about the history and practices of the Church itself. Among the many wonderful things to learn about,I became fascinated with the Pope and the many,many men,(great and not so great),that have held that title. I thought the best way to learn about them was to put my hobby of drawing to use and try to draw and give some info about every Pope. In order. Every week. From Peter to Francis. Consider it a dummie’s guide to the Papacy. Written by a dummy. I hope to learn much along the way,and with 266 guys to draw,I’ll have plenty of time to learn it.


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