5. St. Evaristus 100-109


The first Pope that is not mentioned in the Bible(although still not being referred to as “Pope” yet),he also would have not personally known St Peter or any of the other Apostles. Being the first Bishop without the safety net of the Apostles would have been a very challenging position,and this is when most Christians started really relying on the Gospels for added guidance. Very little to anything is known about Evaristus,which is a shame,for this was still a very dangerous time to be a Christian,and on top of that,some smaller Christian groups started splintering off with different ideas about who and what Jesus was. Through this difficult time,Evaristus held everything together,and that the still very new title of Bishop of Rome continued on after his death should give him a little credit. Plus,he’s got a cool statue at St Peter’s…..so he’s got that going for him.



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