6. St. Alexander 109-116


At one point in history Alexander was credited with introducing the narrative of the last supper during Mass,and with the idea of sprinkling water into the sacramental wine. This was all attributed to a book called the Liber Pontificalis,which is Latin for “Book of Popes”. This book was written sometime in the 15th century,and since these early guys have so little known about them,some later historians filled in the blanks,blanks that are sometimes later discredited by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike,like the idea of Alexander and the last supper. We do know that he converted his jailer,St.Quirinus,and Quirinus’ daughter St. Balbina. He also converted Roman Governor Hermes and the 1500 people that were also in Hermes’ household at the time. So Alexander was most assuredly Catholic salesman of the month several months running.


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