12. St. Soter 166-174


Continuing our Easter theme,previous Popes had been celebrating Easter on the Sunday following Passover,Pope Soter formally inaugurated the day as an annual festival in Rome. St. Soter also declared that marriage was a sacrament only valid if blessed by a priest. He sent money collected in offerings to the Church of Corinth(among other cities),so it could be distributed to the poor.
The bishop of Corinth,St.Dionysius,was so greatly impressed with the Bishop of Rome that he wrote a letter praising him saying,”For this has been your custom from the beginning, to do good to all the brethren in many ways, and to send alms to many Churches in different cities, now relieving the poverty of those who asked aid, now assisting the brethren in the mines by the alms you send, Romans keeping up the traditional custom of Romans, which your blessed bishop, Soter, has not only maintained, but has even increased, by affording to the brethren the abundance which he has supplied, and by comforting with blessed words the brethren who came to him, as a father his children.”
As the Bishops of Rome start emerging more clearly in History,we can start to get a better grasp on some of these incredible men. Not only were they a guiding light for new Christians and Christianity,they were also risking their very lives to continue to spread the word in this dangerous time. There will be Popes who won’t live up to the mantle that they are given,but then there were also shepards like St. Soter,who gave their lives over to declare the good news to his flock that Jesus lived,died and was resurrected for the benefit of all mankind.


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