27. St. Eutychian 275-283


Pope Eutychian is said to have maybe allowed the blessing of beans on the altar. Wait,what? There is literally nothing known about this Pope other than a vague idea he blessed the produces of the field,but even that is kind of a guess. Poor guy. All records of his papacy were destroyed in the persecution that followed his time in office;he’s like a ghost Pope. We know he was there,we know when he died and where he was buried,but what he did during those eight years is a complete mystery. In a hundred years we’ll have a record of what Kim Kardashian had for lunch on whatever day of the week but a man who led hundreds of thousands of Christians (during a perilous time to be a Christian)is forever lost. Pitiful. Only God knows. Literally. Only God knows what he did. In the end though,isn’t that all that really matters for anyone?


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