28. St. Caius 283-296


The Church of Santa Susanna of Rome was built in the early 1600s and it was built on the site of an earlier Church that can trace its lineage back to when it was the house that belonged to Pope Caius. St. Caius led the Christians in a time that was still very dangerous,but there was also on the horizon a new time when Christians would be accepted,a time when the Roman emperor himself would be a Christian,but that was still just a few decades away. Pope Caius decreed that before a Christian became a Bishop,he must first be a porter,lector,exorcist,acolyte,subdeacon,deacon and finally a priest. This was to ensure that only the most qualified and most wise would become Bishops. He was buried in the Catacomb of Callixtus and inside his tomb was later found his ring that he had used to seal documents. This Papal ring would later be known as the Ring of the Fisherman(named for St.Peter’s occupation).Each Pope gets a new ring when elected and the previous Pope’s ring is always destroyed or marked so that no documents can be forged in his name. It’s kind of like the Phantom with his skull rings,only the Pope isn’t going to punch you in the face with it. You’d have to be pretty rotten for a Pope to want to punch you.


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