31. St. Eusebius 309


Pope Eusebius took over for Pope Marcellus in the midst of Christian in-fighting that had led to riots and bloodshed. The apostates that wanted back into the Church without serving proper penance now had a leader in a priest named Heraclius. The new Pope held the line on the penance that needed to be paid,so the fighting between Christians continued unabated.The constant turmoil was really annoying Emperor Maxentius and so once again he exiled the Pope outside of Rome,but this time he threw out Heraclius for extra measure. Eusebius and Heraclius died that same year from “unknown causes”(murder. Probably murder). Poor guy had only been Pope for four months. Years later Eusebius’s body was brought back to Rome and was given a proper burial in the Catacombs of Callixtus. Pope Damasus I placed an epitaph on Eusebius’s tomb that spoke of his stern but short lived defense of the Catholic Church,and his banishment because of it. His feast day is celebrated on September 26th.


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