43. Pope St. Celestine I 422-432


Celestine came to Rome from Milan where he had worked under the legendary Priest St. Ambrose. He worked his way up through the ranks of the clergy and was elected to the Papacy unopposed,as he was very popular in the Church. Pope Celestine was committed to Church harmony and unification and was merciless in bringing heretics and their leaders under control,but perhaps he is most famous for a missionary he sent out to spread the word of the Lord. The Pope wanted to bring the Irish race into the Church and sent a priest named Palladius to minister there,but the fierce pagan tribes scared him back to Rome. Celestine then turned to a British priest that knew the island well,having been been imprisoned there when he was younger. Celestine promoted the man to Bishop,changed his name to Patricius and charged him with converting Ireland,and boy did he ever. He converted the Hell out of it. Pun intended. Yes,Patricius is Latin for Patrick! That overachiever was Saint Patrick! So the next time someone throws up green beer on you or a creep pinches you for not wearing green on St Paddy’s day,you can thank Pope Celestine for setting those emerald wheels in motion.


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