44. Pope St.Sixtus III 432-440


Pope Sixtus III was a Roman born man who continued the work of his predecessor Pope Celestine. This work mainly consisted of battling heresies;The early Popes are always seeming to do nothing but battle heresies. The Church was still locking down official doctrine and having members go off with their own ideas about what or who Jesus and Mary were was just not productive to the Church body. Sixtus was mostly remembered for his work in rebuilding what he could of Rome after it had been invaded and sacked some 30 years earlier. He restored the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore,which still stands today,he built the Basilica of Santa Sabrina and he accepted gifts from the emperor for St Peter’s and the Lateran palace. He also built the very first monastery in Rome. Sixtus was a pen pal of Doctor of the Church St.Augustine so that’s something to hang his Pope hat on. His feast day is March 28th.


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