I’m so grateful to Pope Paul VI!


My little project of weekly Pope drawings has hit a delay in the last month but it’s a most wonderful delay. We welcomed our new baby in March and He really wouldn’t be here except for us joining the Catholic Church 4 years ago. The Church’s teaching on birth control,held firm by future Saint,Pope Paul VI,caused us to completely reevaluate our perspective and reexamine how we live our lives. Along with other weird hints(that are almost too crazy to believe)that God kept using to nudge us into this direction,we decided to drop the birth control and allow our family to be open to life and open to a third baby. It didn’t take long before our little arrow from God arrived and he has brightened our lives in all new ways and now we can’t imagine our family without our little cradle Catholic! Our baby literally would not be here without the Catholic Church or Pope Paul VI’s stand to uphold her teachings and I and my family will forever be grateful for the great changes that it has brought to our lives.

158. Pope Victor III 1086-1087

Pope Victor III

Pope Victor III was described as a man of “unusual holiness” and he much preferred to remain the abbot of his beloved Monte Cassino monastery than become Pope. Reluctant and also gravely ill,Victor had a short and unremarkable Papacy. Victor is one of the few Popes to be buried outside of St.Peter’s basilica. His body is entombed in the chapter-house of Monte Cassino(where he did his greatest work),but it was briefly moved to Rome during World War II for safe keeping. Pope Victor III was beatified by Pope Leo XIII in 1887 and that puts him one step away from being declared a Saint.