151. Pope Damasus II 1048

Pope Damasus

Pope Damasus II has the 7th shortest time as Pontiff,only reigning for 24 days. Pope Damasus also has one of the greatest real names for any Pope;Poppo de’ Curagnoni! POPPO! You gotta say that name with dramatic Italian hand gestures(even though Poppo was actually German). Handpicked by German Holy Roman Emperor Henry III,Damasus was briefly held up on his way to Rome by that pesky disposed Pope(and troublemaker),Benedict IX. Benedict kept leaving and returning to Rome,and this time he was marched,by military force on orders from the emperor,out of Rome for good so Pope Damasus could take his rightful place. It was mid-July by this point and Rome happened to be under an awful heat wave. The elderly Damasus contracted malaria and passed away shortly after.
Filling in on art duties this week is my 10 year old son Brody,and I think he did a great job! My lazy butt will return to drawing Popes next week.


123. Pope Leo VI 928

Pope old man

Pope Leo was a filler Pope that was handpicked by Roman noblewoman Marozia. Senatrix Marozia was the ruler of the Papal States,and just so happened to be the mother of an illegitimate child by previous Pope Sergius III. After she had Pope John X imprisoned,she still needed more time for her son to be an appropriate age so that she could then make him Pope. Pope Leo VI was sufficiently elderly enough that she could not count on him sticking very long(which he did not). A mere three years and one more elderly Pope later(Stephen VI),her young son would become The Holy Father. I should put that in quotations…..”The Holy Father”