121. Pope Lando 913-914

Pope Lando

Pope Lando is very unique in that he’s the last Pope that uses a name that has never reappeared through the rest of Papal history. He’s also the last Pope prior to our current Pope Francis to use a name that was not a previously used Pope name. (Pope John Paul I’s name may slip in on a technicality but he’s actually combining the names of two of his immediate predecessors)
The only known action of Pope Lando was that he donated his own personal funds to rebuild the Cathedral of San Salvatore that had been destroyed during an Arab raid. Ha!I got through his whole bio without mentioning Star Wars once!(crap)


26. St. Felix I 269-274


Hardly anything is known about Pope Felix,as he only appears in our history during one incident with a eastern church in Antioch. A priest named Paul of Samosata started preaching that Jesus was merely a man until he was baptized and only then did he become the Son of God. People started complaining and when Pope Felix got news of this,he promptly removed Paul from that church. He basically fired him. Paul decides to ignore this and he refused to leave the Church or the house that the Church has given him. Cue Papal facepalm. Pope Felix is so irritated with Paul that he has to resort to ask Roman Emperor Aurelian to evict Paul. Do you know how crazy it is for the Bishop of Rome to ask for help from the Emperor? Just a decade earlier those guys made a hobby of murdering Popes;it’s like Luke Skywalker asking Darth Vader for help ridding his farm of Jawas……ummm,or something. Pope Felix’s feast day is on the day of his death on December 30th and he is buried in the Catacombs of Callixtus.